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By Irvin Lemus

In the Bay Area, we are engaging K-12 as well as our Community College students and communities year round with events, trainings and competitions that will challenge, inspire and motivate the students while showing them the possibilities of working in IT and IT Security. We are working with our industry partners such as Cisco Systems to host and advise our events.

My vision for 2018 is to show students three major areas: Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics and IT Infrastructure. To this end, we are planning All IT Academy Day (which is an IT Infrastructure competition), Digital Forensics Competitions, CyberPatriot and the CyberCamps, along with Cyber Awareness Expo & Competition for the month of October. In regards to our CyberCamps, we have over 24 camps scheduled this summer, almost reaching the complete expanse of the Bay Area Region.

In this year, we are looking to grow cyber awareness and empower our current and future students with the knowledge and tools they need to become safer, ethical users of technology.

For more information visit their website at https://www.baycyber.net/

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