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California students shine in CyberPatriot competition

California Cyberhub provides resources, support for teams across the state

Middle and high school students from across California are thriving in this year’s CyberPatriot competition, thanks in part to dedication and collaboration from a variety of partners across education, government and industry.

Out of 5,584 CyberPatriot teams across the country, California students hold more than half of the top scores and are poised for a strong performance in the national competition later this spring.

The CyberPatriot competition is one key initiative for the California Cyberhub, a collaboration of public education and industry that is compiling a central library of resources and encouraging support for cybersecurity competitions around the state.

The results of that collaboration are evident in the CyberPatriot performance.

After two rounds of competition in the fall, California students represent six of the 10 teams in the Platinum Tier and seven of the 10 teams in the Gold Tier. Many of the state’s CyberPatriot teams are in the Silver Tier and hold numerous spots among the top 100 teams in each division.

Additionally, the California teams in the All-Service Division (teams that are lead by ROTC or other military organizations) held seven out of the top 10 scores with a strong showing from Navy ROTC teams throughout the state.

“We are truly excited about the overall advancement of our California middle school CyberPatriot teams who hold top spots in the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Tiers,” said California Cyberhub Community Manager Donna Woods. “We believe, based on the recent scores and the California Cyberhub usage, that there is a direct and distinct correlation to the increased successful, measurable outcomes.”

Beyond the competition, these students learning crucial skills that will help meet California’s growing demand for cybersecurity professionals in the workforce — currently at more than 45,000 jobs and counting.

The California Cyberhub brings together partners from K-12 education, higher education, government organizations and the cybersecurity industry to provide opportunities for middle and high school students to become interested in cybersecurity at an early age and begin a pathway that leads to a college degree.

All of those collaborations play a key role in CyberPatriot performance. Cyberhub partners provided Windows 7 and Ubuntu images for the competition within 48 hours of receiving a request. Those images have been downloaded nearly 15,000 times since the beginning of the school year.

“This success is a result of the work of the mentors, education partners, business partners and IT professionals who supported the yearlong endeavors of the California CyberPatriot teams,” Woods said.

The CyberPatriot State Round competition will be held Jan. 19-21. For more information on the California Cyberhub, visit ca-cyberhub.org.


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