California Cyberhub

Our mission is to enable a future ethical workforce by expanding and supporting quality cyber training across the State with a one-stop source for best practices and support resources gathered from all cyber training and competition activities in California.
The California Cyberhub is a virtual, neutral, nimble on-line organization that is a collaboration of public higher education, K-12, government, business and military working to enable a future workforce of ethical cybersecurity experts in California. With a best practices Operation Manual, the California Cyberhub is a central location of support for cultivating CyberPatriot, other Cybersecurity competition activities and cyber training in communities and high schools across California.

By supporting these activities at the high school level, Colleges and Universities will be cultivating strongly desired soft skills at an early age and building a flow of students into their Cybersecurity and IT pathways.
“High School Cybersecurity instruction and competitions are exciting new ways to help our students discover their future in technology. The California Community Colleges, as partners in that effort, help the students make the connection to cybersecurity technical careers.”

What Is CyberPatriot?

CyberPatriot is the premier national cyber defense competition designed and officiated by the Air Force Association, which requires diversified skills for middle and high school students to work together as a team in a virtual environment to solve real-world cybersecurity problems. The challenges presented in the competition help students build skills today for a future career in cybersecurity. Competition challenges include forensics, networking, and securing various operating systems such as Windows desktop, Windows server, and Linux.

California is committed to becoming a premier source of well trained cybersecurity and IT professionals. Programs like CyberPatriot help develop the flow of students into the California Higher Education IT training programs.

Since 2008, AFA CyberPatriot has served cybersecurity students across the nation.

Start or Host a Team

Setting up a CyberPatriot team a great opportunity for California Higher Education and High School faculty to collaborate on guiding students into a technology career. This collaboration can lead to important expanded relationships such as Dual Enrollment agreements and articulation agreements. Colleges, Universities or High Schools can host CyberPatriot teams as soon as they are ready to get started, regardless of the time of year.

Are you ready to start a team at your local high school or boys and girls club? We have a package just for you..."

Host A Competition

As a Community College, California State University or University of California you are always looking for ways to reach out to local high school students to bring them into the rich IT training offering you have. Hosting a CyberPatriot competition for your area or region can bring many students and their parents to your campus to interact with IT faculty and students. This is good for your College and good for the kids who will be your future students.

Find a Team or Competition

Are you a student or parent looking for a CyberPatriot team to join? A Middle or High School faculty or administrator who is interested in setting up a team and want to know who is participating in your area? A Community College, CSU or UC faculty or administrator interested in collaborating with local High Schools to help build your future CTE enrollment channel?
Check out the calendar of
CyberPatriot events.
Find advisors in your area to help with
setup and funding.
Check the state-wide list of teams and
participating colleges.

Cybersecurity Advanced Training

With the extraordinary shortage of cybersecurity professionals, many of the community colleges across the State have developed advanced cybersecurity training course offerings. Many include virtual labs to provide 24/7 access to environments that let students practice advanced hacking and penetration testing techniques.

Advanced courses like those mentioned above are typically taught during the evening hours at community colleges to provide working adults a path towards career and salary advancement.

View the ever growing list of offerings to find a training course near you.